I am a Local Development Partner Agency

We would love to increase our partnerships with local development partners and local agencies of international development organisations. What we do as YEDA requires a lot of Institutional support since this organisation is completely volunteer driven. 

Normally, we would send you a Memorandum of Understanding template in requisition of shared initiatives regarding Youth Entrepreneurship Development and broader Economic Development Initiatives.

To get further information, Please feel free to contact us directly or any of the Ex-Officio members for further engagement discussions. Track our activities home, and the resources we offer here online for Youth Organisations as well as the Youth Startups and consider if our mandate gels well with your organisation. We are indeed stronger together.

We also believe learning does not end for leaders, Here are some resources to strengthen your local agency leadership: These are scripts to videos we will share with you.

Download Here:

  1. LEADERSHIP - Leading People and Change Discussion Guide.pdf
  2. LEADERSHIP - Managing Situations Discussion Guide.pdf
  3. LEADERSHIP - Developing a Personal Code of Ethics Discussion Guide.pdf
  4. Practical Guide to Managing Situations Transcript.doc

If you under 35 years of age, or you can recommend a young person who is an exceptional organiser and a servant in your organisation or community; we have an excellent resource and opportunity for them. Ask them to apply to become a Mandela Washington Fellow

This is a US State Department Initiative pioneered by President Obama to invest in young people across Africa as they continue to; Spur Economic Growth, Strengthen Democratic Institutions and Promote Peace and Stability in the communities. More information about this program is available on the website. The address is: https://yali.state.gov/.

We just thought you would be thrilled to know that the founding organizer of this Agency is an alumnus of this powerful impact program.