I am a Startup in Lesotho

We would love to welcome you and work with you until your startup objectives are fulfilled. We fully understand the troubles, the red tape, and yes, more often than not, the disappointment on what you believe everybody needs. 

Why don't we try a different approach. We harness the power of Lean Startup approaches and Business Model Development which is a customer based, iterative approach to Startups. 

We understand it may be difficult to get all these at once. Here is a short clip about our approaches to building a successful startup:  LEARN SOMETHING: Its not playing? Watch it here:

Have you attended one of our sessions/ boot-camps or programs before? Well If you have, here is a refresher about fine tuning that Customer validation Process and building Value Propositions: Watch it right here:

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This is, but part of the larger content we deliver on building startups: The Lean Startup. You may also wonder, why we believe so much into these? its simply  because even the best changed approaches to starting a business, Read Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything.pdf

All these sounds interesting?   Send us a note and Join one of our programs. 

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