International NGOs

We serve as a local implementing partner. But we are more driven by 'What we can do for our people more' than a statistical score-card based evaluation.

BUT FIRST, We are a stealth, democratic institution. Guided by our constitution here are our Core Guiding Policies and Principles YEDA Policies.pdf.

Although our organisational rules opts for a district level approach, we are still constrained by resources to implement our objectives only half-way through Five Main Sectors of implementation or entrepreneurship development Industries:

The identified Industries with the Agency Secretariat are:

  1. High Value Mechanics, Electronics, and Textiles Manufacturing
  2. Real Estate Development, Construction and Mining
  3. Retail and Merchandise, Agriculture and Food processing
  4. Technology  Services Industries,
  5. Hospitality and Creative Industries

Each is administered within the Agency by a Chairperson, who is also a member of the Executive Committee,  a Secretary and an Administrator. They are collectively responsible for youth entrepreneurship development programs activities (within the three main objectives of the Agency in each of their industries.

Please contact any of the Executive Committee members in Meet Organizers, on the Contact Us tab or Connect with the Agency or any of its members on social media. We Could use stronger partnerships.

"We would like to share a glimpse of what currently inspires us to continue doing what we do today: It comes from a very unlikely Social Media Founder Mark Zuckerberg during a commencement Speech in Harvard University earlier this year:"

We hope it inspires you too: Watch it here: Mark Talks Finding Purpose in Life at Harvard Graduations 2017.