Learn more about the broader Development Agenda and how you can take part.

  • Visit Ministry of Development Planing for the 2012/13 - 2016/17 NSDP Document which is now under review.
  • You clearly are interested in development; visit UNDP- Lesotho and learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs and how you can take part.
  • Also, take time to review the African Agenda  2063 and also download the document Here.
  • Another important document for organizers to understand their roles is the Poverty Reduction Strategy Document for Lesotho. Download the document Here.

Furthermore, track which of the scenarios embodied in Lesotho's long term Vision 2020 our nation is likely to meet: Are we heading for Melupe, Khomo ha li kae batho re bangata, Metse e metle liotloana or Lesupi Scenario with the remaining time to go?

We hope these links and resources help you make meaningful contribution and allows you to find your own purpose and fit too.