We Ignite Startups & Cultivate Successful Entrepreneurs

The Agency has committed itself to help cultivate successful entrepreneurs and corporations in manufacturing and service industries. This is done  in response to the national agenda of encouraging entrepreneurial investment within young people throughout the country, and we also include other related-affiliated academic and/or national bodies.

We have enshrined the following as our mandate in our constitution:

  1. To provide incubation platform for entrepreneurial engagement for identified youth groups and individuals as may be determined by the YEDA-EC.
  2. YEDA shall also create and pursue opportunities of entrepreneurial investment in young people from across a spectrum of identified organisations in similar cause as the agency.
  3. To create permanent mutual relationships with relevant stakeholders throughout the business community, government agencies and other bodies in line with the objectives of YEDA nationally and abroad.
  4. To organise, schedule and efficiently host special and mandatory annual business ideas presentations to potential investors, private and/or Government funding agencies and all other stakeholders for the identified youth groups and individuals.

To Achieve all these, we have partnered with a New York Based Nonprofit Institute for Social Advancement of which we have a current Entrepreneurship Development Flagship Program continuing.