We Provide Institutional Support

It is through this objective in which the Agency fosters Policy dialogues with stakeholders alike. We initiate direct talks with government officials, policy makers, engaged development partners alike to push for favorable environment of entrepreneurship development especially geared towards young people and young women.

We like to quietly get things done. The Agency also exists to provide Institutional Support during the incubation phases of the members startups and further to provide an efficient platform with required partnerships for entrepreneurship development.

The Objectives of Institutional Support are clear in our rules of establishment, they are:

  1. YEDA shall provide members with required resources and information necessary for profitable or social enterprise investment.
  2. To become an effective link between youth entrepreneurs and national organisations, and seek strategic partnerships with such for the purpose of efficiently furthering youth and other members’ entrepreneurship interests.
  3.  YEDA shall also provide personalised and adequate; mentorship, institutional support, and motivation to its members, youth groups, identified youth individuals and all other bodies of similar nature in other institutions of alike aspirations.
  4.  To act as a reliable partner and become proactive with any other matter incidental to the above objectives and in support of the core aims of the organisation.