We undertake Business & Organisational Resource Mobilization

YEDA builds strategic partnerships with relevant stakeholders in order to secure funding and other key resources for incubated members entrepreneurial proposals. We also engage in all forms of partnerships with donors and development partner agencies for organisational functions finance.

Specifically, we have legally bound ourselves to achieve this objective by:

  1. The Agency shall organise and source funding for training workshops and business seminars for its members and the organisation’s growth.
  2. To Source and where possible predominantly secure continued/or revolving funding directed to the members ‘successful business proposals’.
  3.  To utilize all resources within its reach to source and raise funding from development partner agencies in support of the Agency’s lifeblood to attain its set objectives.

Our Activities are further guided by our founding Constitution. You may take some time to review our founding document and become part of us. 

Here is a copy: Constitution of Youth Entrepreneurship Development Agency.pdf