YEDA-ISA Startup Incubation Program


In order to accelerate already established startups, Youth Entrepreneurship Development Agency has partnered with a New York based Nonprofit Institute for Social Development to accelerate entrepreneurship skills and startup management of already established startups. The program identifies newly formed startups and incubates them in an eight week long entrepreneurship up-skill training program.

With the program the Agency strives to deliver requisite skills which the incubated entrepreneurs signal as major impediment sin their startups development process particularly on their business development. In this process, the Agency selects startups without regard to the founder’s knowledge level and work with the founders to make a tailor made program for the particular startup.


The program aims to augment new founders knowledge and skills in startups and to provide a practical guide and coaching for founders. The agency does this by assessing and redefining startups business model development process.


The program aims to lead in startup business model development training and to become a principal accelerator of self-started founders in developing business ideas into bankable, sustainable businesses.


The program aim to accelerate efforts of young entrepreneurs by incubating their startups for a predetermined period of time to impart the founders with skills on how they can further develop their startups and refine their business models. The current version of the program is relaxed weekly physical or virtual consultative process with selected entrepreneurs. 

Specific Objectives

  1. Train founders on business model development
  2. Provide institutional support for specific startup needs
  3. Serve as a coaching platform for founders activities and a consultancy for technical knowledge
  4. Assess and accelerate specific customer development processes for startups business models

Program Schedule

The next cycle of the program will be from January 2019 - April 2019

Download the forms HERE.